March 9, 2022

We are reaching out to you on behalf of EverybodyHacks, an Interdisciplinary Hackathon at UW. We are currently searching for speakers from ALL academic disciplines to participate in our virtual panel series this April. EverybodyHacks is dedicated to creating a space and opportunity for students of all majors to come together to use their skills for social good. To inspire students, we are hosting this “Countdown to the Hackathon” panel series where we are inviting faculty and professionals, such as yourself, to speak with UW students about how you use your skills from your field to do good in the world.

Each panel will consist of a brief welcome to attendees, followed by 5-7 minute talks from each of the panelists. Afterward, we will facilitate a 15-20 minute student-led Q&A to give students a chance to interact with you directly.

If you are a faculty member, graduate student, or professional interested in participating in EverybodyHacks’ “Countdown to the Hackathon” panel series, please let us know by filling out the following google form:

Alternatively, if you would like to nominate a professor, TA, colleague, or other connection to speak at one of our panels, please fill out the following google form:


If you have any questions about the panel series, please visit our website or reach out to us via email. Our information is included below: