March 18, 2022

Would you like to prove the existence of life on Mars? The Instrumentation subsystem of Husky Robotics is an interdisciplinary science and engineering team working to do just that on a Mars rover!

Each year we design and build a soil and atmospheric analysis system to look for signs of life on an extraterrestrial planet such as Mars. Our members research biological, chemical, and electrical sensors along with keeping on top of the most recent discoveries from Mars as we design an on-board laboratory for the rover. As part of Instrumentation, you have the opportunity to design the laboratory in CAD and manufacture the components to build a functional research station.

Instrumentation is recruiting new members for Spring quarter! If you are interested in designing experiments centered around astrogeology, astrobiology and robotics, please submit an application for Instrumentation by April 6th! We value enthusiasm, time commitment and a willingness to learn regardless of your level of experience or major!

You can view the application on our website or through the QR code on the attached flyer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or via our facebook/instagram @uwrobots.