April 4, 2022

Department Description
The OWRC is an interdisciplinary writing and research center that aims to support UW students, staff, and faculty on their diverse writing and research projects through one-to-one tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions, workshops, and other programs. We serve nearly 5,000 students with over 8,000 one-to-one writing appointments each academic year. Our tutors are undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of academic fields, and we provide a rich learning environment for writers and tutors alike.
OWRC Peer Tutor Job Description
Peer Tutors support writers’ ongoing writing and research development using a non-directive, conversational tutoring approach. While we seek candidates who have strong writing skills in their chosen academic fields, we are most interested in those candidates who demonstrate reflection, metacognition, and empathetic listening. Tutoring is an intellectually and emotionally demanding position that requires high levels of initiative, responsibility, and critical thinking. Tutors will be chosen based on their ability to enact our question-focused, non-directive tutoring philosophy as well as their oral communication skills.
“Nearly everyone who writes likes — and needs — to talk about his or her own writing, preferably to someone who will really listen, who knows how to listen, and knows how to talk about writing, too.” –Stephen North