April 27, 2022

Like many of you I think there are ways the department could be a better place for us – socially, academically, building-wise, etc. To this end, I want to form a “ECE Ph.D. Student Quality of Life” committee. The idea is that this will be a small group of Ph.D. students who meet weekly to discuss ways to make our ECE Ph.D. experience better. Every couple of weeks we will meet with the department chair, professor Klavins, to share our ideas and ask for assistance in making them a reality. I’ve talked with Professor Klavins and he is on board!
Some ideas for things we could discuss: 
  • Reducing the amount of irrelevant/annoying emails we get
  • Ph.D. student lounge/hangout space (with ping pong table, snacks, coffee, couches, TV, etc)
  • Improvements to our office spaces
  • Ideas for department events (in addition to current Thursday socials)
  • Whatever is on your mind that you think is important!
Please email me if you’re interested in being part of this! It would be great to have people across different labs, years, and backgrounds. There is no fixed boundary on what this group can be or not be, so if you have more ideas on what roles the group could play, please get in touch!
Dan Sturm