April 27, 2022

ECE has a funding opportunity for DEI initiatives: https://www.ece.uw.edu/about/dei/initiative-proposals/
Key points in plain text:

– anyone in the ECE community can submit a proposal (students, staff, faculty)

– the ECE Chair has allocated $25k total for these initiatives
– proposals are categorized as small (< $1k), medium ($1–5k), or large (> $5k) 
– proposals are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis by the DEI Advisory Committee
Sam Burden is holding ‘DEI Office Hours’ to answer questions 2–3p on Fridays at  https://washington.zoom.us/j/92283734023. He will also respond to questions and meeting requests sent to me at sburden@uw.edu or chair_dei@ece.uw.edu.