April 27, 2022

Join us this Friday, April 29th for our fourth and final panel of this year’s Interdisciplinary Panel Series!

About EverybodyHacks…

EverybodyHacks is UW’s newest interdisciplinary hackathon, organized and hosted by GeoDat, the Society for Geography & Data Science at UW. Our hackathon was created for students of all majors. We welcome projects ranging from app design, creative writing, policy assessments, data visualizations, map atlases, historical reviews, blueprints, visual art—you name it!

Upcoming Panels


  • Phil M. Hurvitz (he/him) CSDE Research Scientist
  • Kam Wing Chan (he/him) UW Department of Geography Professor
  • Monika Khandelwal (she/her) Entrepreneurial Data Scientist
  • Josh Popelka (he/him) GIS Specialist


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We hope to see you there!

EverybodyHacks (UW)