May 26, 2022

Dear ECE faculty and staff,

I wanted to follow up and provide some additional context and resources to help you support your colleagues and, perhaps most importantly, the students you interact with.
When a racially-motivated act of violence like this occurs, it can trigger and resound with a lifetime accumulation of trauma.  The message below urges everyone to check in with those around them, particularly those that report to them in classrooms, offices, and laboratories.  These acts of kindness and solidarity can help alleviate the suffering of others and foster a greater sense of belonging.
If you’re looking for guidance about where to start, I’ve attached some materials created by UW CareLink that may be helpful.  In the longer term, I suggest that you consider taking part in the new DEI Book Club organized by our new staff member John Nettles — his announcement came out earlier today.  Finally, I am happy to meet with anyone at any time to directly provide support or help brainstorm how to support others.
Wishing you all well,
Sam Burden (he/him/his)
Assistant Professor
Associate Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA