June 13, 2022

The knowledge and language team at Microsoft Research (Bellevue) has many headcounts for Ph.D. NLP researchers and they are currently looking for those who are interested in the positions. 
The details of the positions can be found at: 
Senior Researcher in Bellevue, Washington, United States | Research at Microsoft 

More info: 

– The positions are for Chenguang Zhu’s group: Chenguang Zhu (stanford.edu)
– Opportunities to work on academic research & collaborations, msft-wide products and services 
– Others on the team have PhDs from top programs like stanford, cmu, ucsd etc
If anyone is interested, you can reach 
Reid Pryzant at rpryzant@alumni.stanford.edu or reidpryzant@microsoft.com and he could put you in touch with a hiring manager.