June 21, 2022

 As part of the UW Research University Alliance (UW-RUA), senior Ph.D. students have the opportunity to experience a Research Exchange visit to one of eight partner R1 universities (Caltech, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, UT-Austin).

RUA is focused on creating a cross-university community of senior Ph.D. students and postdocs historically underrepresented in MPESE fields (Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, and Engineering).

For students figuring out how they might get in front of an audience of friendly faculty ready to consider them for a postdoctoral or faculty position, a research exchange visit to a partner institution of RUA may be the networking resource and experience from which they could benefit.

Research Exchanges (RE) are opportunities for short (3-7 day) campus visits. Students will have the chance to explore collaboration with a potential faculty mentor for a future postdoc position.  In addition, they will have the chance to network within their host department and will be encouraged to give a chalk talk or seminar.

An RE award includes up to $1,500 to directly support travel (airfare, food and accommodation, miscellaneous expenses). It does not provide funding for research, nor does it provide salary and benefits.

What do you do?

APPLY for a research exchange visit. Contacting faculty in advance is always a good idea.

What does RUA do?

Our campus coordinators will help you and your faculty host(s) craft your visit, making sure you have chances to meet with faculty and leadership, and present your work.

For best consideration, please apply by 15 July.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to me— the RUA coordinator at UW. I am looking forward to seeing students’ applications and helping them connect with potential networking opportunities via the Research University Alliance!

With kindness,


Drew Gamboa

Program Coordinator, Research University Alliance-UW

Ph:  206-221-9316      Email: dgamboa@uw.edu