July 25, 2022

Just wanted to give you all an update on the Unite UW summer/EFS program and request some info sharing. We’re opening the program up to non-freshmen, particularly international students, in the hopes of widening our reach! Please share if you believe your students would be interested in an opportunity to explore Seattle together, meet friends from around the world, and enjoy free food. 🙂
Cost: Free
Apply at: https://forms.gle/vZEzseEQb3WTXDDR6; due Monday, August 1st at noon PDT.
Summer Event Schedule? Read the calendar here!

Questions? Email spauling@uw.edu.
Unite UW is an on-campus cross-cultural exchange program under CIRCLE and the Division of Student Life. We provide an inviting and judgement-free environment for domestic and international students to connect to each other and to UW. Through Unite UW, many Huskies have found their best friends and a home-like community. We hope you do too!

***We are carefully monitoring the public health situation and the structure of each event is subject to change.***

The Unite UW EFS/Summer program runs every year with a 4-week commitment. We will carefully select up to 90 participants to meet & mingle through a series of cultural/leadership bonding activities (see schedule below), including a 2-night retreat at Pack Forest. Please fill out the application THOUGHTFULLY so we can get to know you. You do NOT need to be in EFS or a freshman to participate.

If you see yourself as a leader, you can also apply for the FACILITATOR position. We are looking for someone who is compassionate, responsible, open-minded, and committed to the mission of Unite UW. Time commitment includes: planned program activities, training, plus self-initiated weekly small group meet-ups outside of the program.

Check out more activity photos at unite.uw.edu
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Questions? Feel free to email our program manager Sarah Pauling at spauling@uw.edu