August 1, 2022

OneRadio Corporation is looking for some help in wrapping up some FPGA work. 

10 hrs per week for 3 months.
The person(s) should be familiar with FPGA / driver-related work. 

There are 3 pieces of work that they need to wrap up:

  1. Creating a golden image in addition to the update image. PROM size is large enough to handle this.
  2. Enabling firmware update of the PROM over PCIe (instead of the current JTAG),
  3. Finishing off the work that we started with enabling a 2nd PCIe core (this allows us to extract max bandwidth over the PCIe bus). 

Also, they are looking for help in optimizing the Xilinx based PCIe driver. They are struggling with optimizations on the existing driver – especially trying to squeeze out the best performance over the PCIe bus. The latest driver supports the XDMA capability, but it doesn’t fully work to support streaming over the PCIe. Our PIO based driver is marginal at best.

Good interns with a passion for RF would be wonderful.

For more information or to apply please contact: 

Mohan Vaghul
CEO, OneRadio Corporation
(206) 393-2900