September 2, 2022

Hello new ECE graduate students!
My name is Caleb and I’m a 3rd year Ph.D. in ECE Department. I’m part of a registered UW student group called International Grad Student Ministry (IGSM), and we’re a community of students that help each other with things like transitioning to America, getting mentoring on finding a job after graduation, taking fun trips, and celebrating holidays together.

This fall, we’re hosting a welcome lunch for new international grad students in the ECE Department! If you’re a new student in the ECE department and are around campus on (09/14), come join us for free food on the Quad Lawn at 12 PM! It’s a good opportunity to come and meet some friends, get some tips about UW and grad school in the US, and learn about career mentorship and English conversation skills — all before school starts!

If you want to join, it’d be great to reply to me (but optional, my email is: so that we can figure out how much food to bring. Thanks and see you on campus!
Caleb Zheng