September 9, 2022

We are seeking student representatives for next year’s Curriculum Committee (AY22-23). 

Please submit your application here [].  

The deadline to apply is extended to September 30, 2022. 

This is a great opportunity to get more involved in curriculum input (new course proposals, course revamps, course content/structure, program evaluations, new ideas from students, etc…); connect with your classmates, and help address their concerns.

Based on feedback from our current student representatives, we would like applicants with the following background to apply:

  • Masters student (preferred BS/MS student who are currently in their Master’s Program)
  • Ph.D. students
  • BS students going into their senior year

We will select one Masters, one Ph.D., and two BS students for a total of 4 representatives.

There may be a slight restructuring next year so the Undergraduate Representatives will work with the undergraduate curriculum and the Graduate Representatives will work with the graduate curriculum. 

Suggested/Preferred skills include

  • being well organized
  • good time management
  • experience with Microsoft suite and google suite
  • being willing to share thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns with faculty and staff, even if it may be outside your comfort zone. That is how we grow!

The estimated time commitment is 3-5 hours per week, which includes a one-hour weekly meeting with faculty and staff and the creation and managing of a survey that will go out to the student body to collect feedback from students at large. 

If you have questions you may reach out to the former curriculum committee student representatives to learn more about this role and its potential: 

Xingyi Wang, PhD Representative –
Harsha Vardhan, MSEE Student Representative –

You may also contact our Curriculum Manager, Chris Overly at