September 16, 2022

On behalf of the Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC), we hope you are having a successful start to Autumn Quarter!

The OWRC is an interdisciplinary center that offers free writing and research support for UW students, faculty, and staff. Our offerings include a range of resources and programs designed with graduate students in mind including one-on-one consultations, online resources and programming, and events such as our annual Dissertation Writing Intensive.

Graduate students interested in one-on-one support can book one of the OWRC’s free 45-minute peer tutor consultations, available both in-person and online. Learn more about our appointments, set up an account, and book a session here [].

Along with year-round appointments, the OWRC also hosts the Dissertation Writing Intensive in the interim between Spring and Summer Quarter. Providing a supportive, focused environment, this intensive is designed to help dissertation writers make significant progress toward their dissertation writing goals.

For graduate students looking for opportunities to write in a group environment, the OWRC offers Open Writing Circles, a Zoom-based drop-in group that meets once a week to provide a friendly, mutually accountable workspace in which graduate writers can come together from across campus.

Additional resources can be found on our website, including links to the OWRC podcast, Write for You, and information about the OWRC’s services for instructors.