September 26, 2022

Hello ECE Graduate Students,

I am writing on behalf of Professor Kai-Mei Fu, Director of the NSF Research Traineeship Program, Accelerating Quantum-Enabled Technologies (AQET). The AQET program seeks to give UW Graduate students across multiple disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Applied Math, ECE, CSE, MSE and ME) additional training and accreditation in Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE). Job opportunities in quantum information are on the rise, and there is national demand for trained professionals in QISE. The AQET program was designed to meet that demand, and will provide students with interdisciplinary training that will uniquely prepare them to join the quantum workforce.

In the first year of graduate study, the AQET cohort takes a single-quarter weekly seminar series in the Winter, and students participate in several AQET-specific events including professional development workshops. In the 2nd year, the core curriculum begins. This curriculum centers around three main courses: a foundational course that will cement your understanding of quantum science in relation to your discipline, a project-based implementations course that will bring all trainees across several departments together, and capstone research requirement, and a final elective advanced topics in QISE course. In addition to completing the AQET program, students will receive a Graduate Certificate in QISE that will serve as a transcriptable testament to their training in QISE. More information about the AQET curriculum can be found on the QuantumX website, linked above.

At this point, the second cohort of AQET students is being formed and is ready to begin in Autumn 2022. If you are interested in joining the AQET program, there is a short Google form [] you can fill out to apply. We are using the form only because there are a limited number of spots left in the cohort, and we will only restrict participation if there is high demand. To be considered to join the cohort, please fill out and submit this form by no later than October 3. Preference will be given to students in their first or second year, simply due to the scope of the program.

The first event for AQET students will be the Orientation, which will be held in-person on October 26th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Please indicate in the AQET application if you are able to attend Orientation. This event will acquaint you with your cohort, the participating faculty, and provide a program overview.

If you have any questions about the AQET program or application process, please direct them to the AQET Program Coordinator, Madeline Miller (

We are very much looking forward to reading your applications!