September 29, 2022

Howard Jay Chizeck ( has about 3 – 3.5 years of funding for a student on an ONR (Office of Naval Research)-funded research project. Ideally, a PhD student who has taken courses, but could be a new Ph.D. student or MS student looking for research. The project involves the integration of sonar and visual information for underwater object detection and grasp. Basically adding sensors to a robot gripper, to “see” and grasp items in turgid water (where video fails beyond a short distance, but sonar doesn’t).
Ideally, the student will have some background in image detection. Prior coursework in robotics would be a plus.
Howard will co-advise the student with Aaron Marburg [UW-APL (Applied Physics Lab)].  
The work is not classified but will require access to facilities at UW-APL. Students from China (PRC), Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, or Irani will not be eligible. Other countries are ok as long as we can get export permission.
If you are interested, please contact Prof Chizeck with a cover letter explaining your relevance and familiarity with the subject, resume and transcript.