October 25, 2022

We in the Career & Internship Center wanted to share some new features and processes for Handshake, UW’s career services platform.

Curated Employers
Our team is excited to announce the launch of Handshake’s newest feature – Curated Employers. Students will are now able to browse lists of employers labeled by categories such as Great for Internships or Invests in Diversity. As thousands of new opportunities are posted to Handshake every year, these categories will help students sift through the noise and find opportunities that interest them. Students can find these lists under the “Career Center” tab on Handshake or see a dynamic posting list on our website. We also hope to add more categories throughout the year.

Job Approvals
In order to open up additional opportunities to students, we have removed a number of parameters when approving positions to Handshake. With the sheer volume of positions landing in Handshake, students needed to utilize the search filters even with our previous gatekeeping measures. Students can now find any type of position in any location.

Video Chats and Messages with Employers
Handshake has implemented two new opportunities for students to directly connect with representatives of an employer. When creating a job post, employers have the opportunity to indicate they are open to connecting with students about the role through 1-on-1 virtual chats [support.joinhandshake.com] or messages [support.joinhandshake.com]. This allows for virtual networking outside of our doors and without needing our involvement.

Job feeds
We’ve spruced up the job feeds that pull positions from Handshake and post on our website, careers.uw.edu. Students can view positions on multiple pages, find more information, and be redirected to Handshake to apply.