November 7, 2022

This quarter we offer BIOEN 448/548 Bioacoustics and Therapeutic Ultrasound, which was offered for the first time last year and was well-received by the students. This course is ideal for students interested in a career in biomedical ultrasound and therapeutic applications of ultrasound. The course provides undergraduate and graduate-level engineering and science students with fundamentals of acoustics and ultrasound relevant for bioengineering-type applications. In the first half of the quarter we cover the physical principles of sound waves/ultrasound propagating in tissue. Topics include the wave equation, acoustic impedance, reflection and transmission of sound, refraction, basic signal processing, sound beams, transducers, ultrasound attenuation, and scattering. The second half of the course covers therapeutic ultrasound with an emphasis on bubble dynamics and drug delivery, lithotripsy and high-intensity focused ultrasound for thermal ablation. We connect the class material with available technology and specific clinical applications. We plan a few interesting computational and experimental small projects like measuring sound beams in water and tissues and performing thermal ablation. This class provides the students with the basic knowledge to perform research or launch a career on biomedical ultrasound.  Bioac Ther Ultrasound Winter Announcement 2023

Interested students may contact:
Academic Counselor, Bioengineering 206 221-6695
or Mike Averkiou