November 7, 2022

Natural Language & Speech Processing RESEARCH INTERNSHIP

We are seeking natural language & speech processing research interns for our Seattle office located at Bellevue WA for year 2023. Every research intern will work with researchers on a research project related to one of the core problems in natural language processing (understanding, generation, reasoning), dialog system, speech recognition and synthesis, robust speaker recognition, and multi-modal (audio-visual-text) processing. The interns are encouraged to publish the results from the internship.

 Key responsibilities

The research interns are expected to work tightly with our high performing research team and apply your knowledge and innovative approaches to improve human-machine interaction and machine intelligence.

Requirements & Qualifications

The ideal intern candidates are those who

  • are Ph.D. students in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related field,
  • are self-motivated,
  • have research experiences in natural language processing, speech processing, dialog system, or machine learning,
  • have good publication track records and history of creativity and intellectual flexibility,
  • can program skillfully in Python and/or C++ and have experiences in using one of the leading deep learning toolkits.

About Tencent AI Lab at Seattle Area

Tencent is a leading internet company in China. Tencent AI Lab at Seattle Area was established in May 2017. The lab strives to continuously improve AI’s capability in perception, cognition, and creativity. Researchers there aim at solving challenging real-world problems with advanced technologies and publish extensively at top conferences and journals. Some information on NLP related works can be found at [] .

Location: Bellevue, WA

Duration: 3 months (with the possibility of extension). Can start any time in the year 2023.

Salary & Benefits 

The company offers competitive salaries.

 Apply now!

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