November 8, 2022

COMING SOON IN SPRING 2023 – Space and mmWave Networked Systems

Wireless Communication systems are undergoing a massive transformation by expanding to new horizons from novel deployments in space as well
as spectrum in mmWave frequencies

This research-driven course will take you on a journey through these new technologies by building a tool kit of advanced wireless concepts
that apply in these new domains:

  • Beamforming, MIMO, multi-user MIMO
  • Spectrum and Space wireless policy
  • Practical trace-driven wireless tasks
  • Guided Hands-on Research Project
  • Research Talks and Discussions on the cutting-edge frontiers of the wireless and mobiles systems in space and using mmWave

Credits: 4 cr           

Pre-reqs: one out of EE 417/506/419/565

Instructor: Prof. Akshay Gadre (

Reach out to the instructor for more information