January 3, 2023

Role Description

All shifts are open!
Estimated salary: $18.69 Per hour
Department Description 
UW Recreation is a department within the Division of Student Life. We provide safe, accessible, and dynamic recreation experiences to engage students in growth and wellbeing. UW Recreation serves over one million students, faculty, and staff each academic year through informal and formal recreation, including fitness and sports classes, intramural and club sports, outdoor education, mindfulness programs, and more.
Project Persistence
As part of our commitment to the student experience, UW Recreation and the Division of Student Life will review each student employees academic progress via GPA reviews. The intent of these grade checks is to offer our student employees holistic support and connect students to resources and academic support services should the need arise.  These reviews will begin after you complete your first quarter of employment. GPA reviews have no impact on your selection for the position or your standing as an employee once you begin employment.