January 9, 2023

We are two graduate students and researchers (in CSE and HCDE) looking for undergraduate or graduate students interested in using an experimental digital fabrication system for research credits (HCDE 596, 2 credits).

The system consists of computational notebooks (Observable) interfacing with a ShopBot CNC mill (PRSalpha 96-60) and an Augmented Reality overlay. Compared to traditional systems for CNC milling, makers can design and dispatch machine instructions directly from the notebooks, which are entirely customizable. With this system, we are interested in exploring new types of interactions and workflows with CNC tools.

We are looking for students who have one or several of the following interests and experience criteria:

  • Use machine tools and/or digital fabrication machines (such as lathes, mills, drill presses, laser cutters, 3D printers or plotters) for academic and/or research purpose;
  • Have a personal, academic or professional craft practice (woodworking, ceramics, metallurgy, textile arts, etc.);
  • Are interested/have experience in creative coding;
  • Are interested/have experience in fabrication/making.

By registering for 2 credits of HCDE 596, the students will be asked to develop a small project in collaboration with us over the course of 2 weeks using the notebooks and the CNC mill. The rest of the quarter will be dedicated to a light preparation phase (small tutorials and exercises to become familiar with the system) and a reflection phase (reflecting on the project development and execution in oral and written form). 

Could you share this information with your students? Students who are interested or want more information can write to me (gabben@uw.edu) before this Friday, January 13th.