February 10, 2023

The first internship is general data science applied to supporting power market prediction and optimization.  Would most likely be a grad student, although we’ve had success in the past with talented undergrads: Intern, Data Science Spring/Summer | Careers (ultipro.com).

The second internship is more focused on a particular project that would definitely require a graduate student with a background in EE or related field, with strong data science/computer science skills. Data Science Project Intern | Careers (ultipro.com)

The full-time position is not posted but would be as a data science/optimization-focused position on our Strategic Technology team.  We have a multidisciplinary group, with physics, computer science, engineering and mathematics among the degrees on our team.  There could also be other opportunities outside of my group for your students here at TPS in the current listing:  My Job Search (ultipro.com) that range from operations to market risk.