February 21, 2023

The UW + Amazon Science Hub 2023 Robotics Call for Proposals are due in less than 1 week! The deadline for proposals is February 27, 2023. Please review the call and more information here.

The Science Hub seeks proposals to advance the state of the art and enable new robotics and AI solutions, in the following topic areas:

  • Robotic Manipulation — for example: picking and packing objects from/to cluttered, confined spaces; robust grasping for a wide variety of many object types, including fragile, deformable, and deconstructable (e.g., lidded shoe boxes); modeling and prediction for fast compliant control
  • Computer Vision — for example: robust 3D scene understanding with low-cost sensors; tracking and predicting the 3D poses of dynamic actors; object damage detection from images
  • Machine Learning — for example: continual learning; sample-efficient model (re)training; applications of ML to robotic planning and control 
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Verification — for example: modeling and simulation of deformable objects in contact; closing sim-to-real gaps in synthetic imagery; design of experiments and verification of autonomous systems
  • Autonomous Mobility — for example: safe and fluent navigation in complex dynamic environments; multi-agent planning and coordination (10s–100s of robots); localization and mapping

All UW researchers are welcome to apply. The application includes basic demographic questions, and requests an uploaded copy of your CV and a 2 to 4-page research proposal. The proposal should include a short description of the budget request of up to $100k for one-year. Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to the principal investigator. Each gift funded proposal will be subject to a 5% assessment per UW Administrative Policy (APS) 36.2. No third parties should be involved in the projects. Per default, project results will be made available to the general public through publication and open source.

Proposal Deadline: February 27, 2023

Apply here!