March 6, 2023

The undergraduate engineering advisers monthly meeting that we are putting together the first ever College of Engineering Mariners Game! This will be on Friday, April 21st at 7:10pm. Tickets are $10 plus taxes and fees and the Mariners will be playing the Cardinals.

  • Faculty/staff and their loved ones can buy tickets via this link:–20230209-38E-296/ . We’ll all be seated in section 330. 
    • There are only currently four tickets left in this grouping HOWEVER I will be able to have the Mariners folks add more as soon as we sell these four tickets out, so I anticipate many more will be on the way! Send me a note if you go to buy tickets for you and your loved ones and tickets do not appear to be available.
  • Students (first-years through graduates) can buy through this link:–20230203-RX3-296/  for the same price and they will be seated in the section next to us in 329.