March 8, 2023

Professor Steve Shen ( in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is
looking for a devoted and energetic undergraduate student to conduct undergraduate
research on embedded systems.

Job Description: Professor Shen’s research team is developing a dental implant stability
analyzer to measure immobility of a dental implant in bone, which is a vital sign indicating
well-being of an implant. A start-up company is being formed based on this technology.
The team is looking for someone who can maintain and update hardware & software of
the analyzer to advance it to a minimal viable product for benchtop and clinical tests.
The hardware includes a brushless DC motor, a MEMS digital accelerometer surface
mounted on a printed circuit board, a controller box (with Arduino board therein), and a
collection of connectors, flex cables and flying wires that connects all hardware
components. The software includes IDE (for Arduino) and MIT app inventor (for a mobile

Prior Experience: (a) Have taken an embedded computing course equivalent to EE 474
(Introduction to Embedded Systems) or ME 477 (Embedded Computing in Mechanical
Systems), or (b) have demonstrated substantial knowledge and experience on embedded

Compensation: $25 per hour up to 10 hours a week.

Starting Date: immediately.

Contact: Professor Steve Shen,