March 29, 2023

Help with the GUI for my Mars rover analysis software. MUST BE A US CITIZEN.

The tasks are:

  • Find a lightweight Linux distro to use on my older hardware (given the chip shortage and my enviro warrior tendencies, I have decided to only reuse older computers that I will keep disconnected from the net)
  • Install Linux, Code::Blocks, and WxWidgets on the Optiplex 740, then get several of the WxWidgets examples working
  • Convert the existing Python/Qy/matplotlib GUI for our PIQUANT X-ray fluorescence analysis software to C++/WxWidgets/homebrew plotting
  • The goal is to have code that we can put on our open-source repo from which we can produce a complete executable for Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • I want to avoid using any packages that might be updated out of our control.  Such things tend to break everything.
  • There is no CUI or classified work, but the student will have to pass eVerify to work on my contract.

Contact Tim Elam (, providing a cover letter describing your interest and relevant knowledge with a CV/Resume for consideration.