April 6, 2023

**Global Fellowships Prep: Ever thought about researching, studying or teaching abroad?

Join the Global Fellowship Prep community to learn ways to engage in cultural exchange, build real-world experience and get a head-start on your career!
What is it? Global Fellowships Prep helps UW undergraduate, graduate and professional students and alumni from all three campuses learn about and be competitive applicants for funded, globally-focused opportunities. Programs are available for students early in their undergraduate career all the way through graduate school and beyond.

How can I get involved? Register for GFP here : https://expd.uw.edu/scholarships/global-fellowships-prep/ to get access to the GFP site and resources and to connect with campus advisers and a supportive community!

UK & Ireland Scholarships: 2024-25 graduate-level studies/research through the Churchill, Gates Cambridge, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes Scholarships

Interested in pursuing graduate study and/or research at a university in the UK or Ireland starting in fall 2024? Consider whether these scholarship programs fit your interests and goals. Most require university nomination to apply. Get more details, information, tips and advice about applying for UW nomination through our Global Fellowships Prep resources.

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships: Supports 1-4 years of graduate study at Cambridge University. Open to citizens of any country outside the UK considering almost any graduate-level program at Cambridge.
  • Rhodes Scholarships*: Provides funding for 2-3 years at Oxford University. Open to citizens of any country, and eligibility requirements and nomination processes vary by country. US applicant eligibility requirements include a 3.7 GPA or higher and 18-24 years old by Oct. 1, 2023, or up to 27 years old if you will complete your first degree after 10/1/22.
  • Marshall Scholarships*: Provide 1-2 years of funding to study at any university in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Eligibility requirements include US citizenship, 3.7 GPA or higher, and earn a first bachelor’s degree anytime between April 2021-August 2024.
  • Churchill Scholarships*: Support one year of graduate study in mathematics, science and engineering fields, or science policy at Cambridge University. Eligibility requirements include US citizenship and graduation anytime between fall 2022 and summer 2024.
  • Mitchell Scholarships*: Award students one year of funding for study at universities in Ireland, open to all areas of graduate study. Eligibility requirements include US citizenship, 18-30 years old on Sept. 30, 2023 and a bachelor’s degree earned any time before fall 2024.

UW Application for Nomination: https://new.expo.uw.edu/expo/apply/699

UW Application Deadline: June 21, 2023

Upcoming information sessions and special events:

Fulbright US Student ProgramThe 2024-2025 Competition is Open

The Fulbright Program is the U.S. Department of State’s flagship international education and exchange program. First and foremost, the Fulbright program is focused on cultural exchange. Learn more! The websiteapplication, and upcoming webinars for applicants are now live and updated for the 2024-2025 cycle.

Join GFP to learn UW specific info and get support from our advisors!

**UW Alumni Reunion and Class Gifts Scholarship – open now, due April 18, 2023. This group of scholarships has opportunities open to all UW undergrads regardless of citizenship status, residency, or campus affiliation. While each endowment has slightly different eligibility and requirements, current UW undergraduates submit one UW Alumni Reunion and Class Gifts Scholarship online application to be considered for any of these scholarships. Award amounts will range from $500-$2,000.

More details are listed here: < https://new.expo.uw.edu/expo/scholarships/reuniongift>

** The 2023-24 Zachary H. Boyce Memorial Scholarship application is open.

Deadline: June 2, 2023. The scholarship award amount is $2,200 (one award). Application is attached. 2023-24 Boyce Scholarship Application