April 18, 2023

On behalf of the Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC), we hope you are having a successful start to Spring Quarter! 

We know that Spring is a writing-heavy time for many graduate students, so we are reaching out to publicize one of our graduate-oriented programs – Open Writing Circles. Could you kindly circulate this writing support opportunity? We have included a blurb below to share with graduate students. 

Open Writing Circles are a flexible writing group facilitated by OWRC graduate staff for graduate students and UW-affiliated postdocs. Motivated by a low-pressure approach to writing accountability and productivity, Open Writing Circles are a great option for writers who benefit from working in communal writing spaces. 

Open Writing Circles are highly mobile and require no regular commitment to attendance. Meeting weekly on Tuesday afternoons (1:30-3:00 pm PDT) via Zoom, Open Writing Circles are accessible wherever you have an internet connection, and video participation isn’t required. Writers are welcome to join in as frequently or infrequently as they wish but are asked to join within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time if they plan to attend the session. 

Finally, Open Writing Circles are open to writers from all programs and all stages of graduate and post-graduate study. Any and all genres of writing are welcome! 

For weekly reminders and schedule updates, writers are encouraged to subscribe to the Writing Circles mailing list or to check out the OWRC website. We hope to see you there! 

Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) 

Thank you in advance, and please distribute as relevant.  


OWRC Staff