April 18, 2023

NEW COURSE Summer 2023 Course – HCDE 210: Explorations in Human Centered Design  

  • Instructor: Arpita B
    Course: HCDE 210, SLN 14169 (3 credits) For Undergraduate students
    Time: Tu/Th 1:00-2:20PM, Dempsey Hall 104 
  • Areas of Inquiry (AOI): Social Sciences (SSc) 
  • In HCDE 210, we will introduce students to the main activities and techniques used in human centered design (HCD) and explore domains in which they can be applied. The format of the class will include a combination of lecture, guest speakers, discussion, and hands-on studio work for projects. 

Students will: 

  • Explore the core principles, methods, and applications of human centered design practice 
  • Apply their knowledge and reflect on weekly mini-projects related to different techniques used in the HCD cycle including user research, ideation, interaction design, visualization, prototyping, and usability studies.  
  • Analyze and critique design of systems for capably and responsibly using human-centered design  

Registration-related questions can be directed to Meghan Oxley in HCDE Advising ([what@uw.edu]what@uw.edu).