April 25, 2023

Global Renewables Infrastructure Development (GRID). GRID is a student-led organization focused on getting students involved with solar technology and helping apply it to rural communities. We aim to give students the opportunity to develop technical expertise, understand the socioeconomic impact of technology integration, and establish best practices for collaboration and projects. We’re an interdisciplinary mix of graduate and undergraduate students with backgrounds in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and more. You can get a more in-depth view of our past projects through the GRID Medium page.
We are currently recruiting new members! Our Spring quarter onboarding meeting is on Thursday, May 4th from 4-5pm in NanoES 291 or on Zoom. We’ll be giving an overview of GRID, discussing the projects listed below in greater detail, and answering questions.
We have a few subgroups with plenty of projects for you to jump into:
  • The Technical Team focuses on the software and hardware of our solar energy projects. This includes sizing and optimization to calculate what kind of solar systems are needed for different communities, as well as establishing a solar panel testing system to practice installation and collect data.
  • The Medium/Social Impacts Team delves into researching and improving the impact renewable energy has on communities through creating surveys, writing articles to publish on the GRID Medium page, and more.
  • The Business Team networks with the renewable energy community. They create cost estimates, identify funding sources for projects, and plan social events with the greater community.
We are planning a few new projects, so it’s a great time to join our team! No prior experience is required.
If this piques your interest, come to our meeting to learn more! Please fill out this short (~1 min) form, so we can send you a reminder and the Zoom link. We will also send you a follow-up email after the meeting in case you were unable to attend.