May 10, 2023

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • May 5th – Spring Registration Block/ Aut Priority 1 Registration
  • May 17th – COVID Registration Blocks Lifted*
  • May 18th – Summer Priority 2 Registration
  • Sept 13th – Summer MMR/Meningo Deadline
  • Sept 27th – Summer Registration Block if MMM not fulfilled
  • Oct 20th – Aut MMR/Meningo Deadline
  • Nov 3rd – Aut Registration Block if MMM not fulfilled/Winter Registration

*Students who can register on or after 5/18 do not need to take any action on their COVID registration block. Students who need their block lifted immediately (before 5/17) can email

Upcoming Events:

  • International Fair (Seattle) Sept 21
    • MMR, Meningitis, Mpox, COVID & (Flu) shots; on-site verification
  • Summer COVID, Mpox & (Flu) Pop-Ups, dates TBD