June 27, 2023

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UW Facilities (UWF), Campus Energy seeks a student intern to join the five-person Energy Management team as an energy data analyst intern. Campus Energy’s energy conservation program implements capital projects in Seattle campus buildings that reduce energy waste and eliminate carbon emissions.

The successful candidate will apply public policy management principles and energy economic business concepts to an existing UW Facilities dataset of energy conservation capital project facts and statistics organized in a excel workbook named the “Green Revolving Fund Model” (GRF). The model was developed in 2019 in collaboration by UW Finance, College of Built Environments (CBE) faculty and UWF. The GRF is a best in class, energy industry tool for public agency decision making as it pertains to re-capitalization of energy infrastructure in the built environment where avoided future energy consumption offset initial capital investment to reveal the total cost of ownership value proposition and the virtuous circle of conservation. Currently the GRF model is built as an excel workbook; and it is ready for the next evolution to a production grade tool. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining and improving the integrity and quality of the GRF data.  Proficiency in database configuration and data analysis (SQL or equal); proficiency is computer coding (R , python or similar); proficiency in data visualization (tableau or equal) are highly desirable. Deliverables include regular production of a set of UWF Energy Key performance Indicator charts, GRF health reports and conservation project status reports.