September 25, 2023

On behalf of the Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC), we hope you are having a successful start to Autumn Quarter! 

The OWRC is an interdisciplinary center that offers free writing and research support for UW students, faculty, and staff. Our offerings include a range of resources and programs designed with graduate students in mind including one-on-one consultations, online resources and programing, and events such as our annual Dissertation Writing Intensive. 

Graduate students interested in one-on-one support can book one of the OWRC’s free 45-minute peer tutor consultations, available both in-person and online. Learn more about our appointments, set up an account, and book a session here 

For graduate students looking for opportunities to write in group environment, the OWRC offers Open Writing Circles, a Zoom-based drop-in group that meets once a week to provide a friendly, mutually accountable workspace in which graduate writers can come together from across campus.  

Along with year-round appointments, the OWRC also hosts the Dissertation Writing Intensive in the interim between Spring and Summer Quarter. Providing a supportive, focused environment, this intensive is designed to help dissertation writers make significant progress toward their dissertation writing goals. 

In addition to hosting facilitated programming, the OWRC also provides a range of flexible resources for graduate writers, including the graduate-focused Write for You podcast, the Graduate Writer’s Reading List, and a strategy guide for writers interested in developing and supplementing their writing practice. Graduate writers who are teaching may also be interested in the OWRC’s services for instructorsincluding workshopsclass visits, and a ready-to-use informational excerpt for syllabi. 

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you and your students! 

Best Regards, 

OWRC Staff