October 9, 2023

The Clean Energy Institute is excited to announce the launch of our new interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Clean Energy Science, Engineering, and Society! The Graduate Certificate in Clean Energy Science, Engineering, & Society (CESES) is designed to support the next generation of clean energy leaders and innovators by providing them with an interdisciplinary understanding of challenges and opportunities facing clean energy and its adoption in society – from crosscutting interdisciplinary discovery and innovation to technology transfer and public policy. 

All full time UW graduate students who have met prerequisites for required courses are eligible to enroll in this 15-credit graduate certificate which incorporates both existing courses from multiple departments as well as new courses designed to allow students to practice engaging with the broader impacts of clean energy. Students will gain hands-on training in foundational concepts such as energy materials, devices, and systems, infusing them with the knowledge of how innovations from molecules and software to miles of grid systems impact our energy and climate systems. They will also gain experience communicating across scientific disciplines in order to advance equitable clean energy solutions in energy generation, storage, grid systems and beyond.

We encourage all UW graduate students interested in developing the skills to work across disciplines to advance clean energy solutions to apply! 

To learn more and apply, visit: www.cei.washington.edu/education/uw-graduate-students/graduate-certificate-in-clean-energy/ . And, please share with those who may be interested!