October 11, 2023

International Student Services Update (UW Seattle)

  • ISS reg holds will be placed starting today 10/11/2023 for up to 150 new students who have not completed check-in

Students must be full-time before Oct 27 to avoid termination – assist int’l students will registering for classes to ensure FT enrollment

  • Reminder that alhtough no academic approval required at UW to take a quarter off, immigration rules require approval for time off
  • ISS does have access to EARS notes and they find them very helpful!
  • ISS: We had int’l students who were on TA/RAships whose ISHIP charges were still showing up on their tuition statement after their appointments were activated. I know there is nothing they need to do to petition it to be removed, but it was hard to find the messaging around this for them. I don’t remember this happening in previous years, is there something else tied to this insurance being removed?

ISS (Seattle) РISHIP РINTL students who will receive GAIP should not be charged for ISHIP if their GAIP appt has been processed. Go to https://iship.washington.edu/before-arriving-at-uw/ for info and students should actually contact the GAIP program is they have questions. It is my understanding that GAIP notifies ISHIP whose ISHIP charges should be removed if needed.