October 11, 2023

Hello UW Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars,

I hope you are having a wonderful fall! The Research University Alliance (RUA) [researchuniversityalliance.org] is a National Science Foundation-funded project focused on creating a cross-university community of senior PhD students and postdocs historically underrepresented in MPESE fields (Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, and Engineering). Unfortunately, RUA is not currently open to international students or international postdocs. 

For qualified students and postdocs, each quarter, we fund Research Exchange (RE) visits to one of eight partner R1 universities (Caltech, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, UT-Austin). 

If you are a graduate student, you will have the chance to network within your host lab and department. You will also give a lab chalk talk and explore postdoc opportunities. 

If you are a postdoc, you will have the chance to network within your host lab, department, and university. You will also give a departmental seminar and explore future faculty opportunities.

If you’re wondering how you might get yourself in front of an audience of friendly faculty ready to consider you for a postdoctoral or faculty position, this is it!

Interested? What should you do next?

Fill out an Application [forms.gle] for a RE visit. Contacting faculty in advance is always a good idea, but not at all required. Priority will be given to applications received by Wednesday, October 25th at 11:59 pm. If you want assistance with your application, you can email me and or check out our website

If you have any questions, please contact our UW Coordinator, Aina Hori (ruacoordinator@uw.edu) or contact me (jparrish@uw.edu) directly! We hope to see your application!


jJulia K Parrish

Lowell A. and Frankie L. Wakefield Professor of Ocean Fishery Sciences

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, College of the Environment, University of Washington