October 27, 2023

The Q Center is in the process of developing CHID Focus Group offerings for Winter and Spring 2024. 
What is a CHID Focus Group?
CHID Focus Groups are 2-credit classes offered under the course number CHID 496 and are graded on a credit/no credit basis. Unlike many other classes, which use an education framework of instruction by an expert (generally a professor), Focus Groups rely on peer learning within a facilitated, discussion-based classroom. They allow students with common interests to create a space to discuss topics which may not be covered elsewhere in the UW undergraduate curricula.
Supervised and advised by Q Center professional staff, our ECO Interns peer-facilitate one of these classes each quarter. 
What we need now: 
We want to hear from YOU, specifically undergraduate and grad students! 
– What topics/themes related to LGBTQ experience are of interest? 
– What instructional style(s) and format works best for you? 
– What concepts or ideas do you not quite get time or space to explore in other classes?
Please share your thoughts with us! 
Scan the QR below or visit this link (https://tinyurl.com/qchidfgi) to complete our interest survey. Share with your networks 🙂