November 17, 2023

Wed, Fri: 12.30 – 2.20 pm
Instructor: June Lukuyu (

Ending energy poverty and energy inequity is crucial to meeting all the major global development goals.

This course will explore the challenge of energy poverty in various parts of the world and the relationship between current and future energy needs, and achieving the global goals for sustainable development (SDGs).

Through readings, in-class debates, group discussions, and case study assessments, students will be exposed to cutting-edge research in energy, sustainability, and development.
Target Audience:
This research-oriented class is intended for graduate students interested in learning more about the intersection of energy, development, and global systems. It’s designed to provide an overview of the current state of global energy systems and help students develop critical thinking and reflective practice.
Learning Objectives of this Course:

  • Analyze, evaluate, and discuss qualitative case studies of current energy and development initiatives to comprehend their impact and effectiveness. 
  • Establish connections between past policies, political decisions, and societal dynamics to understand their influence on the present design of energy-related technologies and systems.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in critically examining positions and policies that intersect technology, ~ identity, cultural context, and energy and evaluating their implications for various aspects.
  • Design and develop actionable plans to mitigate immediate harm and advocate for structural changes in real-world scenarios to address energy-related challenges.

ECE Time Schedule:

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