February 6, 2024

2024-25 Graduate School International Research Fellowships 

Funded by the Chester Fritz and Boeing International endowments 


 For 2024-25, the Graduate School will award one-quarter fellowships to support international research abroad by UW graduate students. 

These fellowships are available to fund research periods of one quarter (three full months) abroad during the 2024-25 year (autumn 2024 through summer 2025). These awards do not support faculty-led UW study abroad programs. 

During the quarter of their award, fellows are required to register for Independent Learning– For Credit through UW Study Abroad. The program fee is covered by the fellowship. Graduate students in fee-based programs are not eligible to apply. No extra money is included for airfare. 

 In allocating these awards, priority will be given to applications that address the following: 

  • clear statement of the research that will be done on the fellowship; 
  • evidence of the relationship between the proposed research and the applicant’s academic program; 
  • evidence of the necessity to go overseas to conduct the research and the relevance of the university or locale to the planned research (including evidence of affiliation, if required or appropriate, to carry out the proposed project); 
  • evidence of appropriate skills (including language competence) to carry out the proposed project; and 
  • demonstration of the proposal’s innovativeness or contribution to the field. 

Students who have already received a Graduate School International Research Fellowship are not eligible to apply. 

 For more information and to begin an application, please visit our website

Questions can be directed to Michelle Sutton in the Graduate School Office of Fellowships & Awards: gradappt@uw.edu