February 8, 2024

Apply by 02/12/2024 for us to cover charges related to printing posters. Otherwise, the student will have to do so on their own.
CoNECT, the student body of the CNC (Computational Neuroscience Center), and I2 are hosting an event where we highlight research being done by women in the field of NeuroAI. The event will be held on February 20th from 10 am to 4 pm in HUB 332 and 340, where everyone is welcome to attend the entirety of the event!
As the agenda lists below, there will be a lineup of speakers and a poster session showcasing current research being done by students in the field! Coffee, snacks, and lunch will be provided if you RSVP at this link: https://forms.gle/q11wB3jxehYZYeLW6  

We’re looking for women and non-binary folks who have research to present in the poster session. We encourage incomplete research and open questions as this is a chance to delve into discussion with others in the field! CoNECT will also help print posters/help create posters if wanted — email jazlin@uw.edu for this!


  • 10 am – Coffee + Snacks
  • 10.30 am – 1 pm – Keynote speakers + Q&A
  • 1 pm – 1.30 – Lunch
  • 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm – Speakers + Networking
  • 2.30 pm – 5 pm – Poster session

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ione Fine (Dpt. of Psychology)
    • Pulse Trains to Percepts: Using Virtual Patients to Describe the Perceptual Effects of Human Visual Cortical Stimulation
  • Amy Orsborn (Dpt. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Dpt. of Bioengineering)
    • Understanding and Leveraging Brain-Device Interactions in Closed-Loop Neural Interfaces
  • Courtnie Pachall (UW School of Medicine & Founder, InVirtualis Inc.)
    • Building Bidirectional XR-BCI: From Thesis to Startup


  • Lu-Mi (Shanahan Foundation Fellow at Allen Institute for Brain Science)
    • Bridging the Gap Between Artificial and Biological Neural Networks
  • Zoe Steine-Hanson (Dpt. Computer Science and Engineering, Dpt. of Biology, NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
    • Neural Manifolds of Human Intracranial Recordings During Naturalistic Arm Movements
  • Anna Bowen (Dpt. of Biological Structure, HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow)
    • Focus on Neural Data from Large-Scale Ephys Recordings

To reiterate, everyone is welcome! Hope to see you all there!!

Please reach out if you have any questions.