February 9, 2024

Please ask those who are interested to visit https://careers.catalent.com/us/en and let them know of my email. That way, I can connect with them and provide a proper referral (applying first before getting my referral is not advised; it may or may not work).

We do many things ranging from R&D, production, validation, etc (there is a good demand for those who can do automation engineering too). Regarding locations, we have sites all over the US so one needn’t move to KY. If they are looking for partnership, try https://www.drugdeliveryinstitute.com/

Industry experience is very different and can enrich & “enlighten”/”restore” one. So, it’d be great you’d not mind circulating my message among students (including any alumni who are not employed yet).

Also, recently Catalent has been acquired by Novo Holdings (the owner of Novo Nordisk big pharma) and who knows what may happen in the future. Catalent makes many things, and you can’t believe where we show up (both over the counter and Rx-only)!