February 29, 2024

A new special topics course, Spring quarter

Course content: Virtual and experimental techniques focusing on modern optical methods such as optical flow for characterizing the structural dynamics of aerospace, mechanical, and biological systems. Optical flow is a powerful computer vision method for describing image motion. You will learn advanced non-contact sensing techniques, such as high-speed imaging, high-speed thermal imaging, and Laser Doppler Vibrometry. These techniques will be compared to conventional sensors. 

Prerequisites: Senior or first-year graduate status, and courses in linear algebra and ordinary differential equations. A course in vibrations is recommended but not required.

a) High-speed image of water-entry of structure; b) impact in a spider-inspired web; c) dynamic mode shape web using optical flow method; d) a mobula-ray (flying ray); and e) traveling and stationary waves in a stingray-inspired wing.     


  • Design smart and reliable experiments: how to choose excitation, measurement, and imaging techniques 

  • Process sensory/image data: how to retrieve motion signals from sensors and videos 

  • Identify dynamic features: how to extract dynamic mode shapes and frequency response relations 

  • Analyze the dynamics: how to estimate structural properties and dynamic parameters of systems with applications in structural health monitoring and structural control

Additional Information: Contact Ed Habtour, habtour@uw.edu