April 12, 2024

TCF, The Citizen’s Foundation, here at UW is hosting our annual Eid Banquet. Our organization since its conception has been dedicated to supporting the education of underprivileged children in Pakistan. Each donation goes to either sponsor a child, a class or an entire school while also aiding in building such institutions. Our goal for this year is to help fund an entire school for a year. 
Given UW’s position as an academic institution, it is our responsibility as torchbearers of education to further it for masses who lack the proper access and resources. The lives we lead currently are seemingly unattainable dreams for too many Pakistani children. There is no geography on talent or motivation, but there certainly is one on opportunity thus making it our job as the privileged to even the gap and bridge this egregious divide. 
Plus…..IT’LL BE LOADS OF FUN. We have wonderful food, speeches and games prepared for you all, no one said that good faith efforts had to be boring. So come join us on the 20th at the UW tower at 5:00pm 
General Admission – $25
Student – $20
Youth (under 8) – $5