February 16, 2021

The UW Resilience Lab and Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) are inviting all students and the broader UW community to attend our Winter Quarter Grant Writing Workshop on Thursday, Feb. 25th from 3-4 pm. By joining, you can expect to learn more about building your grant-writing skills and utilizing the diverse pool of on-campus grants available for projects and initiatives at the UW – including the Campus Sustainability Fund and Resilience Lab Seed Grants. Seed grants provide financial and institutional support to students, staff, and instructors to help them hone their skills, create impactful projects, and develop as leaders and professionals while upholding sustainability initiatives on campus.  

Join us on February 25th for an opportunity to network and to learn how to promote sustainability, compassion, and resilience at the UW through projects that matter to you. We aim for this event to be informative and catalyze students to participate in project development that contributes to the UW campus and community, both virtually and in person!  

Register here. Reach out to uwcsf@uw.edu with any questions or for more information.