February 17, 2021

University of Milan-Bicocca (Milan – Italy)

RTDB Position – Job Description

The call for the RTDB position (in the SSD Electronics ING-INF/01 at University of Milan-Bicocca – Milan (Italy) at the Department of Physics ‘G. Occhialini’, to operate within the MicroElectronics Group, is expected to be open in the next months.
The position is for “Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato di tipo B” (RTDB), that is, in the Italian academic system, a full-time tenure-track position, i.e. an Assistant Professor to be confirmed (on the sole basis of her/his results) as a tenured Associate Professor within three years after appointment.
The Microelectronics Group at University of Milan-Bicocca (Milan, Italy) is active in advanced design of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for different applications, for both advanced research and industrial collaborations. Microelectronics Group research activity is (but not limited) in the following fields:
– development of IC in 28nm-CMOS and 16nm-finFet for high-energy physics experiments with attention to the radiation damage effects
– development of IC for advanced telecom transceiver (5G)
– development of IC for smart sensor interfaces
– development of IC for biomedical instrumentation
– development of IC for industrial application (high-power, high-voltage, etc…)
Today, Microelectronics Group is composed by 1 Full Professor, 1 RTDB, 3 Post Docs, 10 PhD students, and 4 Industrial PhD students.

For the Research activity, the successful candidate is expected to coordinate and to supervise the on-going activities in the Microelectronics Group, and to work as an independent Principal Investigator, promoting and leading research activities to complement the current expertise of the MicroElectronics Group, as well as to attract external funds. In particular, there is a large interest in the MicroElectronics Group to increase the activity in the Biomedical Instrumentation field.

For the Teaching activity, the successful candidate will be involved in both bachelor and master courses in Electronics, and will be responsible of a course. The courses may also undergo variations in line with the Department’s didactic program approved from year to year. Moreover, he/she will have to supervise undergraduate (Bachelor and Master) students.

Non-Italian applicants or Italians, who have resided outside of Italy for more than 3 years, will benefit from a favorable tax treatment for the first 4 years of the contract.

For any question
Prof. Andrea Baschirotto – MicroElectronics Group Director