December 6, 2021

While an engineering graduate student, have you thought of teaching and research as a career pathway? If so, ME 599J offered Winter 2022 might be just the course for you! ME 599J is part of a three course sequence for advanced graduate students pursuing PhDs – with eyes towards considering academic career pathways!

Professor Mescher is the instructor for this sequence. Please visit her faculty webpage where you’ll find this key outcome from the inaugural offering of “Teaching Interests” in Autumn 2019.
Research Planning (ME 599J) meets weekly in winter quarter with these objectives:
  • Read and discuss selected articles, including “Catalyzing the Transition from Student into Scientist—a Model for Graduate Research” by Daniel J. Isaak and Wayne A. Hubert, BioScience, Vol. 49, No. 4 (April 1999), pp. 321-326.
  • Draft individualized research plan for five year timeline beyond doctoral research
  • Develop / revise research planning statement with research advisor’s feedback
  • Draft research white paper(s) and revise with research advisor’s feedback
  • Identify seed funding; submit preliminary proposal with research advisor’s feedback
  • Attend (minimum three) faculty candidate seminars (Mech. Eng. UW Seattle)
  • Critique and discuss perceived strengths / weaknesses of faculty candidate’s seminars
  • Practice presenting five-year research plan; revise with feedback from advisor(s)