August 15, 2022

Volunteer at Geek Girl Con – Nov. 5th at Seattle Convention Center

Seattle 500 Women Scientists is seeking volunteers to participate in any of their three potential events at Geek Girl Con.  

  1. STEM mentoring salon – casual one-on-one conversations with those seeking information about careers in STEM.  Women and nonbinary folks from a variety of STEM careers are desired.
  2. Panel discussion:  Politics of Science and SciFi.  The focus may be on how politics shapes and drives both science and SciFi.  They are looking for a social scientist, science policy expert, SciFi writer or other creator.
  3. Panel discussion:  Podcasting.  This will be a discussion of the current role that podcasting plays in science communication. 

If interested, please contact as soon as possible since submissions to conference organizers are due June 15th.  It is hoped volunteers will represent a diversity of scientific fields as well as racial, ethnic and gender identities.