February 1, 2023

Ephrata, WA
August 15-17, 2023
APPLY BY May 15, 2023


  • The Hydro Think Tank™ competition brings regional university and trade-school students to compete in teams to solve a hydropower and renewable energy challenge.  
  • The top three teams win cash prizes.  
  • The three-day competition includes exploration, training, and teamwork, a resume booster, and the opportunity for potential internships and or jobs with the partnering organizations.  
  • The Hydro Think Tank™ student participants compete in teams of three to four students and are judged by a panel of company executives and industry engineers on ingenuity, the practicality of solution, and presentation. 
  • The opportunity offers students practice with real-life business, engineering, water resources management, and communication skills, refining their individual talents and ability to apply their knowledge to extend viable solutions to a pressing need in our nation’s river systems.  
  • Students are only responsible for getting to the competition. However, food & lodging will be provided. 

“The Hydro Think Tank is about so much more than just a student competition. It is about inspiring industry leaders and students to solve today’s most difficult hydropower challenges,”  

– Dale Campbell, Grant County PUD