February 14, 2023

ASME, BMES, and IEEE are going undercover to stage a Casino Royale formal dance on Saturday, March 4th from 8-11 PM at the UW Tower South Cafeteria. Come for a night of casino activities, food and drinks, photos, and more! RSVP now (and come James Bond with us)!

Admission costs $10 with alcohol and $8 without alcohol (ticket price will increase to $15 at door!!), and food will be available at no extra cost! You are welcome to bring a non-ME/BioE/EE UW friend along, and if you choose to do so, please indicate that you are bringing a “plus 1” and provide their contact information.

The event has a capacity limit of 300, so purchase a ticket prior to the event to hold your spot! RSVP here!

If there are any questions, or if you cannot pay the admission fee, please reach out to us at asme@uw.edubmesuw@uw.edu , or hknieee@uw.edu.